About Us                  

                          We are a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM, and a MultiFinder of industrial machinery.  We are established in Thailand as Siam Trade Connect Co., Ltd.

        Our main focus is concentrated on the specific details of our customers orders. This includes blueprints of OEM parts, and MultiFinder of specific industrial machinery, and special requests of equipment and parts.

        Our production processes is specific to individual details with attention to accuracy. Our experienced staffs are experts with more than 10 years of experience. So you can be assured that all orders will be completed as ordered, within specified deadlines.

                    We are also able to assist you with domestic and international partners to enhance marketing channels.

        We have the experience to find, trade, sell, and import machinery, parts, industrial, construction, and agricultural machinery, or any other manufactured goods through our extensive network.


Siam Trade Connect Co.,Ltd - We connect your success